Purchasing a Property in Malta - A Quick Checklist

  1. Is the property freehold, or is there any ground rent? Is the ground rent temporary or perpetual?
  2. Was the property built on a private plot, or on a government plot at subsidized rates? The latter, even if presently private owned, may in certain areas effect the resale value.
  3. Is there a cable connection in the area?
  4. If you are purchasing a flat in a block with a penthouse on top, do you have a right to access to the roof? If the owner of the penthouse is abroad, how is access gained for any maintenance to the water tank, aerial or satellite dish?
  5. If you are purchasing an apartment, do you know what the layout of the flat on top of you is like? Is their living room on top of your bedroom (noise factor)? Is their kitchen on top of your bedroom(Noise Factor)? Is there a terrace on top of one of your rooms (Heat Factor)?
  6. Where are the shafts located within the apartment? Are there air conditioning units allowed in the shaft (Noise Factor)?
  7. If you are purchasing a top floor or ground floor apartment served with lift, where is the lift's engine room (Noise Factor)?
  8. If you have a top floor apartment, who is responsible to pay for roof maintenance? If the whole block should pool in towards the maintenance, is there a committee taking care of the collection or are you expected to chase each individual personally?
  9. If you are purchasing a shell form property, will the contractor make sure that the external apertures of the whole block are in place within the year, or will you risk moving in and having the flat on top of you vacant and open to all the elements in winter, perhaps for years

The above are a few important points you should know before signing a contract. For a complete list, or specific consultation please e-mail Kenneth J. Borg (Property Consultant since 1994), or call on 99-4-62582 (add +356 if calling from outside Malta and Gozo).